Modular Kitchens in Gurgaon - Delhi

Modular Kitchens by Kitchen Wizards

We don't just design and build designer kitchens. We help turn people's imagination and visions into our execution - this is something we've been doing in Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR since 2002.

Each of our kitchen interior is unique and specially designed for you. We design specific drawings by following your requirement. We don't allow ourselves to be compromised with Quality of material, colours or designs. Because we pay attention to your requirements with experience and understanding. We promise that the end result will be a modular kitchen that has been customized to meet your needs and the way you live your life. Our Luxury Kitchens are manufactured with care and expertise, your kitchen will not only advance your living space but also provide a main point for your home, it will be a well-organized and functional area that supply a large proportion of your day to day requirements.

In short, your modular kitchens is the heart of your home and Kitchen Wizards can bring it to life.

Kitchen Units supplied Ready Built

Factory built, rigid customized kitchens units - Crafted with Soft-close shutters and baskets already fitted. Each unit colour co-ordinates, inside and out, with your door. All of your modular kitchens units will be manufactured with high-density plywood.

Coupled with best glued and dowelled joints that makes for one of the most durable and robust carcasses(boxes) available today.

What's your style for Dream Kitchen

At Kitchen Wizards we present a range of modern kitchens styles from Coloured, Modern, Contemporary to Traditional Kitchens and High Gloss Kitchens. Which one is your style? Call us today @ 9999022776 for more details.

Modular Kitchens

Designer kitchen is actually a set of cabinets and fixtures combines in such a well organized and in planned / functional manner so that one can find their tasks much easier if we compare a modern kitchen with a traditional kitchen. These are designed specially for each individual keeping their requirement and space availability in their kitchen area.

As on today various options are available for shutter colors and design. Be it a laminated shutter, membrane shutters, high gloss shutters, polyurethane shutters and much more as per customer selection. Before starting any process a proper 3d design to be made by a designer keeping customer requirement on top. After the approval of drawing with proper dimensions and line drawings, cabinets will be made, experts will install the cabinets as per the drawing with kitchen appliances as required by you.

Regular features for cusomized kitchens are:

The components that make your kitchen as “luxury kitchen” will cover the floor and wall part of the kitchen to install kitchen cabinets. Apart from this some customer asks for separate table like unit for placing electrical appliances such as juicer, mixer, grinder etc. As per customer demand mobile electrical switches can also be fitted with kitchen cabinets.

Material quality and type for modular kitchen might differ, normally at kitchen wizards we use plywood with laminates, however, as per customer demand for cost cutting or there are such design on shutters are available which can only be crafted on MDF instead of plywood. Apart from plywood and mdf there are other options also available such as particle board, and some cheap board (which we never suggest to our customer for quality issues) or aluminum shutters as well.

Kitchen Wizards offering best in quality Modular Kitchens in Gurgaon - Delhi. Visit our Showroom or call us @ 09999022776 for more details about the designs and ideas we deliever to our customers.

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